Critical Skills Program

Educon is about having conversations. Today I attended Laura Thomas’ conversation about the Critical Skills Program at Antioch New England University. Here are my notes during the session:

Idea #1 – Create a Google Site or other online course area where PLCs could record their ongoing work. What are the common elements that ought to exist on all PLC online workspaces?

  • Data – a place to share what data we are looking at
  • Problems – a place to wrestle with problems we are encountering
  • What else? –

Idea #2 – Create a 3×3 page of links on your website (see Adam Bellow’s site).

Idea #3 – It’s important to share evidence of results. Teachers who have participated in Critical Skills Program and kept applying what they’ve learned, have classroom data showing the program made a difference. It’s important to share the data because we are currently in a data driven, data hungry climate these days.

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