Good Work by Good People

kids around a globeMost days, my news feeds bring me news about inspiring and empowering projects in education. Today was one of those days. There’s a journalist who has committed 7 years of his life to walking from one continent to the next. (For the record, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to think 7 years ahead when planning my next adventure in life!)

Pulitzer prize winner Paul Salopek is his name, and he’s partnered with a cool project run by a team of educators and researchers at Harvard called Out of Eden Learn. From their website:

Out of Eden Learn is a unique online learning community designed to accompany Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk. Through Out of Eden Learn, students from around the world can engage in Paul’s journey and all that it represents. They explore their own neighborhoods, investigate contemporary global issues, and reflect on how they as individuals fit into a broader geographical and historical context. In addition, they share their perspectives and interact with one another on an exciting digital platform that uses social media as a springboard for deep, meaningful learning. The goal is to ignite students’ interest in the wider world and support them to become more informed, thoughtful, and engaged “global citizens.”

Out of Eden Learn is an initiative of Project Zero, a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in collaboration with Paul Salopek. With generous support from the Abundance Foundation, Out of Eden Learn is open to all schools and students, free of charge.

Do you know any teachers outside of the U.S. who might want to engage their students in this? Seems the project is still looking for non-U.S. classes.

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