Happy 2014!

Early morning after snow storm

I’m thinking of revitalizing this blog. It’s a new year and fresh starts are always a good thing, right? I could say it all started with the “Zero to Hero” series by the folks at WordPress. But truthfully, they are helping me do what I’ve been yearning to do for awhile now.

Write more. Reflect more. Sort out my thoughts more. Go beyond the clipped short Facebook status messages and the re-tweets I share on Twitter.

So if I revitalize this blog and keep on writing throughout the year, what would I want it to look like at the end of the year? That’s a hard question to answer with great clarity and certainty — except for one thing. I want it to reflect a joyful journey forward as I move through the year to something that is incredibly full of light, laughter, love, meaning, and purpose. ¬†At the moment, all I know for certain is that the coming months will bring me a transition from my current job and home to other work (and a new home closer to wherever that other work will be). What and where? That remains to be seen because the path is still emerging from the invisible realm. So let the journey continue!

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