ISTE Conference in San Antonio

I meant to blog while in San Antonio but between all the meetings and the wrong combination of Internet access and laptop presence, I never did log in while there. What I mean is, when I was inside the conference center, sometimes I had my laptop and was too busy checking out the exhibit hall to want to go on the web. Other times I had my laptop but I was in my conference hotel where access really poor (why have a meeting room without access in the 21st century?). And other times I was in the conference area where access was great and my laptop was back at the hotel. Sigh. It really made me wish I had an iPhone. But that’s a story for a future post…

San Antonio was really lovely. The Riverwalk area is simply fascinating to me. I love the way it winds around town here and there, lined with shops, restaurants, and other interesting sights to see. One morning we grabbed our Starbucks coffee and scones and sat by the water watching the birds. Then we meandered a few hundred feet over to the riverwalk boat tour area and took in the sites via the river. That was so pleasant. It was early morning and not too hot yet. My dear friend Karen from CT came with us, too. (She’s got the iPhone which I covet.)

My sessions at NECC went well. It was so nice to have help from other NH educators at the poster session on ICT literacy. Thanks Sonja Gonzalez, Karen Switzer, and Gerry Ryder! I couldn’t have done it without you there to help answer questions. We did have a good amount of traffic stopping by. It was nice to tell the NH story of how we are using portfolios in our schools. My other session on tech lit assessment went well, too. We had lots of questions from the audience. Here’s Sylvia’s blog entry (GenYes) about the assessment session. Presentations from both sessions are on NHEON now in the “presentations” section.

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