Khan Academy

I’m doing some research on Khan Academy and this post is where I’m collecting my thoughts and resources.

Sylvia Martinez, president of Generation YES, is someone whose opinion I have great respect for. She has four blog posts about Khan Academy and math.

Frank Noschese’s blog has a ton of information. Frank is a National Board Certified Physics teacher. After reading his “Khan final remarks” post, you will want to read through all of his posts via the Khan Academy Criticism blog menu link. I especially appreciate the way Noschese has links to so many sources.

Jonathan Martin’s blog post about Khan Academy has the 60 Minutes video clip embedded at the top of the post. Take note of the comments after the post, as well.

The best news of all is that there is another free resource besides Khan Academy. You may have heard of Mathematica software or the Wolfram Alpha search site. They now have free learning resources on the Wolfram Education Portal. The site is in beta right now, so there’s more to come!


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