Remembering Sue Janosz

Susan Janosz was a cool person and an excellent educator. She was so respected as an educator that the NHSTE organization created an award in her memory. This year, I was the lucky recipient of this award, announced at the Wednesday morning session of the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. How cool is that! 🙂 This was pretty special to be honored by peers, and not only that, to have so many people congratulating me afterwards.

It was also quite bittersweet because it reminded me of my first few years living and working in New Hampshire. I was introduced to Sue within my first few months on the job at the NHDOE, as we assembled the first team of educators to design the NHEON website. Sue provided tremendous help with the functionality as well as the content of the site. NHEON has gone through a few “facelifts” since 1999 when it first came online, but the work she did was critical to the overall purpose of the site even today. She was really wonderful to work with. She was a gracious, cheerful, and intelligent woman. I’m very glad that NHSTE created this award in her memory.

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