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ThinkICT is a name I adopted many years ago for my website and my Twitter username. The name was meant to symbolize the act of thinking of all things related to Information, Communication, and Technology. Today, this ThinkICT site contains a few different blogs within it (pictured below). I’ve developed these over the years as my interests and experiences changed. Each blog has a slightly different look and feel. Use the menu bar on each of these blogs to click from one to the other as you read about what I’m thinking and feeling. If you get lost, just click on “Back to ThinkICT” to get back to this section. Thank you for visiting!

Image of Happiness blog

Happiness – This blog is actually titled “With Great Happiness”. It was originally a response to a challenge, and I just kept it going. I seem to post most often these days to this blog.

Image of Think ICT blog

ThinkICT – The original blog about educational technology kinds of things. This is the one blog that contains all the others (not at all like “the one ring to rule them all”).

Image of China blog

China – A blog about traveling thru China with Kelsey in May 2012

Image of Mind and Matter blog

Mind & Matter – This one is a mish-mosh of what’s on my mind and what’s going on in the world of matter for me in my personal life. It also contains several posts from my Baha’i pilgrimage with Kelsey in 2011.

Image of Women in IT blog

Women in IT – This is sort of an offshoot of my ThinkICT stuff, specifically related to — you guessed it — women in IT!

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