Why the title — Mind and Matter?

Book imageAlthough I use various Web 2.0 tools, maintain a blog at work, and follow several blogs, I’ve just never found the time to set up WordPress on my own site… until today. Although I didn’t have a really catchy phrase or profound idea for my blog title, I was a bit inspired by the book I’m currently reading Faith, Physics, and Psychology: Rethinking Society and the Human Spirit by John Fitzgerald Medina (2006).

After getting through chapter one which describes why the Cartesian-Newtonian world view is being challenged in favor of a more holistic worldview, I was interested in how Medina outlined the shift from early European scientists (Descartes, Newton, Galileo, etc.) to the theories of 20th century scientists, such as Einstein. In chapter two, I read about the work of David Boehm, a quantum physicist, who helped us understand how the universe is more like a holographic image and that there is a non-material deeper reality. But this reality is blurred with our physical reality. According to Boehm and others, mind and matter are really intertwined. This blog, therefore, is a place where you can read about what’s on my mind and what’s going on in the world of matter for me in my professional and personal life.

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