birthdayjun08revYesterday was my birthday. Kelsey surprised me by making me breakfast…. she made palacintas. Those are a Hungarian version of French crepes. They were very tasty, and I was impressed that she (1) thought of doing this without prompting and (2) did an excellent job making them. They can be a bit tricky because you have to take this thin batter and pour it into the pan while quickly tilting the pan so the batter will flow wider around the pan and the palacinta will thin out.

I won’t say how old I am now because I am old enough now to contemplate withholding that data…. but if my genes hold out, I probably have as many years ahead as I’ve already lived. My paternal grandmother lived to nearly 102 before she passed away, and my maternal grandmother is still going strong at 100. Here are some Hungarian palacinta recipes:

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