He Ordered Some Chickens

Yes, it’s true. Rick ordered 6 baby chickens which will ship in a few weeks via the postal service (yup, they do this). He also ordered a fine chicken coop for them. Admittedly, it will take them awhile to get to that point, but first we’re gonna enjoy them tweeting around awhile. I have to say that when he first mentioned the idea of getting chickens, I thought he was joking. Then I realized he wasn’t, and I had to tell him I wasn’t ready to take care of them, so it would be up to him to do that. I still mean that, but I am enjoying watching Rick and Kelsey exploring everything there is to know about raising chickens.

He got two of these Australorps, two of these Barred Plymouth Rocks, and two of these White Plymouth Rocks. And that’s only the beginning. Kelsey has got her eye on getting a White Silkie Bantam at some point in the future. But I guess we need to see if we can first keep these six alive for awhile! 🙂

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