The Life and Times of Little Bird

About a month ago, another batch of baby chicks arrived. This time there were several “meat birds” and a few egg-laying hens. One of them came out of the box sneezing and sniffling. In fact, she was shivering. Rick held her up to the heat lamp to warm her right away. The next day, he noticed she was still sneezing so he brought her into the house to get well by the fire. She stayed inside about a week and during that time we all grew quite enamored of her. We called her “little bird” because she was, of course, little and she was a bird.

Eventually she went back outside with the rest. She never got totally well. One day, Rick went out in the morning to feed them and found her lying dead by the feeder. We were all sad. So here is the life and times of little bird in photos.

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