We Are Visible Dot Com

I learned about an inspiring site today. It helps people who are homeless to use social media. Thus the site name: We Are Visible

A post on the site from someone with the Twitter name of @project5050 really speaks volumes. Kudos to her for posting it. Well said!

It’s time to pull the tape off the mouths of those who truly understand struggle in America, and hand them the microphone of social media.

Last year I helped a colleague at work to develop an online course about homeless education. What do I mean? Well, the course helps orient school district staff to the legal obligation of schools to admit children who are homeless, even if they cannot provide evidence of their residence and especially if they are an unaccompanied youth. This is based on the federal McKinney Vento Act which was created, in part, to meet the needs of kids who can be most at risk of dropping out of school.

So I will share this website with her and perhaps we will add it to the list of course resources.

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