Monthly Archives: October 2013

Where are the women?

This blog is about the search for significant representation of women in key roles in  technology companies. The idea of creating a blog about this is recent, but the idea of looking for women who are playing key tech roles started about 15 years ago.

While working at the NH Department of Education, I naturally received lots of calls and emails from educational technology companies about their products and services, and would also read about new and interesting startups. When a company came to my attention, I would want to know more about them and what they offered. So I developed a habit of looking at a company’s “about” page. Too often, I would notice that there were few, if any, women in key positions of the company. At some point, I recall being quite annoyed and disappointed that the women were missing. Fifteen years later, I am equally disappointed to see that women are still under-represented in key positions. I started this blog to explore why this is still the case.