Monthly Archives: November 2013

Praising Girls

This article is not directly about women in IT but it does highlight some important research about giving praise to girls in the right way to make a positive difference later on. Praise that helps girls see they should stick with something, even if it gets tough, is more likely to help them in the long run that if they simply heard praise for “being smart” or some other attribute.

Are We in a Whole Different Era?

This story on Fox News caught my eye. There are so many things in this story that make me want to shout “Hey! You bet this is still a problem in 2013!” When one reporter mentions the fact that girls are “dissuaded from math and those kind of majors”, the response is that we are surely in a “whole different era.” 

I used to think that we had made more progress with overcoming barriers for women in the workplace. But while I do believe we’ve made progress in various arenas, I don’t think we’ve gotten very far with women in technology. That’s what this blog is about. Finding the stories, looking at the data, and determining ways in which we can make some greater progress.